Sunday, 9 November 2014

depART… move on

Based on the theme of Migration, Artry Dubai staged a unique art exhibition inviting 40 artists to submit their ideas that resonate with 'Out of [a] Box' idea. The result was this…

The exhibition is open to public until November 22, 2014
Cardboard boxes hanging from roof to floor… reminding one of the luggage room of a godown, or airport… but in a thought provoking manner.

The curator might have liked my submission for this event but mother being the toughest critic made her opinion clear as always… she did not think it was my best. With art, there is a unique spiritual learning that one adapts with time… that it does not matter if everyone approves of what you do… you just do it… and move on! I was quite glad with my favourite 'tree symbolism' working for me in this artwork titled 'Uprooted'.

Uprooted_2014_B'lu… Read more here.
Meeting Bose Krishnamachari, of the Kochi-Muzrish Biennale, was the high point of the eventful weekend.
B'lu with the Biennale man Bose Krishnamachari

While all 'Migration' was happening at Artry, the next door Al Serkal Avenue was in full swing with the Quoz Art festivities.

I have to be honest with my observations. It is my blog after all. I have one thing to ask Dubai art enthusiasts… why is it that you are always eating and drinking… even while the art right next to you can be really overwhelming if paid attention to ;). Anyway all this buzz is new to the UAE that is evolving from its long slumber… I mean mall culture/food courts etc… am just guessing aloud! Please forgive me if you don't agree! [or send me a note]

Here are somethings that caught the bluvianeye while taking a brisk walkatalk with close friends who risked their Saturday evening on my words. Honestly, we had a great time! And the weather in Dubai is just brilliant!

Cartel presents Dutch designer Iris Can Herpen's 3D printed Haute Couture 
Blue Eye_CDR Series [that is so close to my blog's name too!]

I must mention that I was so glad to have sat through the 'Hopper Stories' playing at A4 space's theatre. They were short movies made on Edward Hopper's paintings. Simply amazing and creative! Watched The Muse (that features Hopper's Night Hawks), The Conference at Night and The Breakup.

Conference at Night_Edward Hopper

Night Hawks_Edward Hopper

Talking of this classical American realist from the 19th century... am reminded of the great masters showing at Abu Dhabi Art that was on at Manarat Al Saadiyat until last night. Realy glad to have stumbled upon Francis Bacon, Mattisse, Picasso… flown down to the UAE... all the way from New York by Acquavella Gallery.

And then MFH was also there… Women from Yemen [the title rhymes… or is it just me?]

I also loved these…

The weekend was very artsy, busy and closed with an amazing flute recital at a friend's place.

Flutist Dr Anil Pillai… about whom I will be writing in one of my writing spots soon...
Among the new things stumbled upon this weekend are the lip smacking lamb spring rolls & crab-melon salad at the Tribe, Mall of the Emirates. [Oops! I should not have asked Dubaians why they are always eating and drinking! lol ;)]

As I say good bye for now… here are some wise words from one of the speakers I listened to last night:

"Artists give us a new pair of eyes to see the world. They are precious to our society. Let us all unite to support them."

- TP Seetharaman, Indian Ambassador to the UAE
[Quoting Lord Krishna from Gita, the ambassador drew a parallel between divine pair of eyes to see the 'real lord'... to an artist's honest/passionate/non-commercial/pure tributes of examining the world around him.]

PS: I can hear… Dr Anil's version of a popular lord Krishna number… Krishna nee begane baro… in a loop… is it some sign!? Paulo Coelho please help! ;)

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