Thursday, 20 November 2014

ARTomatic Life

Today is not the best day to blog. But then somethings need to be done even when there is no time. A blog is a commitment. Just like the plants in your balcony garden. You need to water it as required. Perhaps for the garden you can always hire help but your blog has to endure you just as you are. Caught between two write up deadlines, a drive after that for today's still life art workshop… and some extra baking for my soon-to-visit sister… today is a bit hectic. But I have taken a break from studies and skipped the home chores because of lack of interest in them as today is so beautiful to be wasted in the mundane.

This week was awesome.

Met 5 resident Indian artists at the Art Hub. They will exhibit their works in December. Can't wait to see their finished works that will show for a month starting December 6. Will post pictures after the event opens. Last night's visit was a casual one. It was nice to catch up with compatriots who are artists… and learn first hand about what they do.

Among the firsts… it was my first time at the outlet mall earlier this week. Between two appointments sometimes a mall visit almost becomes a necessary pit stop… for a bite or coffee. That is how I happened to go to this one. Here I stumbled upon a machu pichcu-inspired amazing handcraft store run by a couple from Columbia.

Bought these handmade earrings for sister… who also loves artsy accessories
They were not keen on being clicked and allowed just one picture of the store… here is that one. This store reminds one of Global Village… time to go there too... soon!
Though the promotion was on for a while… it was for the first time that I realised twofour54 registered freelancers get a discount in all outlets at Park Rotana… That called for a quick celebration.
This dessert from Teatro in Park Rotana TwoFour54 is just as amazing as it looks. Called Baked Hawaiian this is a mix of coconut and mango ice-cream, covered with toasted meringue and served with the sauce of lilikoi coulis [That is passion fruit's not-so-passionate name!]
I have not been experimental with my winter wardrobe though I have plenty of artsy ideas. Also, I have no clue what fall fashion is like at the runways… but in Dubai, boots have been a staple each time the weather gets anywhere near winters. So I did my winter-cleaning cum space-finding exercise... and got some essentials out. And now that I have a personal stylist… the homegrown one… I mean my own baby sister who is soon-to-graduate in fashion from India's popular NIFT… she is having a ball telling me off sweetly… what to knockoff and what to keep. I keep her busy doing what she is best at… cos it is only making me look good ;).
Open toes go underground while boots are out… How I love the idea of winters any season :p… so many options to stay stylishly well-covered.

Eating ice-cream in winters is every Delhite's favourite indulgence… but try this to-die-for Häagen Dazs hot chocolate fondue with ice-cream scoops, fruits and other condiments. Please do not have a heavy meal before this huge dessert… I had to take a forced nap to get over the sweetness overloaded intoxication.
Nothing in the world can replace the satisfaction you get from home baked goodies. To mention the least… it simply fills every corner of your home with such sweet aroma… that you start feeling good and all positive. It was my first bake this season.
This is the latest from blukitchen… Devonshire Honeycake. Super easy to make. This is definitely going in to my first cookery book that is underway… more later on that.
These are also from blukitchen… called potato islands… they are baked potato slices topped with egg salad. A simple and easy winter time dinner with classic ingredients.
If the art in the galleries… malls… or the chef's art on the plate were not enough… just look outside. Mama nature is painting a breathtaking new canvas each day. The desert sky's amazing hues and shades are at its best this season.
Winter sky in uae offers amazing new canvas each day… you instantly feel better by looking up. 
Another day… when clouds became cotton-candy like… or almost like frosted glass behind which the sun was found hiding but alas… he cannot hide enough!
On that note… hoping you enjoy this beautiful weather and have a blissful weekend… signing off for now :)

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