Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fashion on the Go

This blog is strictly not fashion. Unlike, this new blog has some pictures too...

Like this one here captured today on my mobile:
That explains where I was just a few hours back...

@ Pull & Bear's Fashion Highlight's for the Season - Mall of the Emirates. A reserved VIP seat, from where you can literally stretch your arms and touch the ramp, gives you an amazing opportunity to look up... and watch the cat walking super humans sport the season's latest. That close an angle gives you an illusion that those long legs are longer beyond the long.

Look at this pic if you dont believe me:

Ok. Enough crap. Now some trendsetting tips as strutted by Pull & Bear models.

Military prints on men's cargos and florals on women's skinny jeans never go wrong if you want a super easy boho look. Dull pastels like washed grey, dirty olive green etc look amazing when paired with white or black. Must try.

Also, shorts on tights underneath, for both women and men, looked really cool.

I particularly liked this ensemble.
Black hot pants on fishnets, long sleeved white t and black pumps.

Of course there were also male models wearing the fashion's best etc. Sorry, I have no pics. They were all so good that I kept looking and forgot to click. I mean to say those contrast coloured soles to canvas shoes for men really seem to be it. Now what did you think?

PS: The fashion show was a peak to Pull & Bear's complete new range of clothing for the season displayed at its MOE store. The mall will showcase fall/winter trends on the ramp in association with Harper's Bazaar Arabia... until the 16th of this month. Check their website for more.

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