Thursday, 12 July 2012

Talking Frames

My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly
- Raoul Dufy (French Fauvist painter)

Bluvian eyes are similar in this context. Similar to what James Cameroon saw in his movie Avataar. [I don’t mean to say that when I look around I see blue skinned super agile human-like aliens sporting African accessories tail-gating each other... well, not yet! ;)]

I like to see perfect pictures – differently good or bad – just as unique as they are meant to be. As nothing hides from an eye of the camera - it sees everything [even when you zoom in to what you like and zoom out of what you don't]. And that is a never-ending fascination for me.

The first thing I bought with my first salary was a camera. When I got better breaks I changed to better models.

I love to travel and take pictures. And whenever possible go through them over and over again to relive those moments [and discover newer details... like that funny mole on the left corner of my uncle's eye that made him look like a villain despite his good self!].

I am a hopeless nostalgic. I confess.

Though trained in photo journalism while doing post graduation in mass communication in 2001, it was over the years at work clicking for my own stories; selecting the best clicks for covers; clicking on travels to visually document my new experience [to sit back and celebrate nostalgia after a few months later!!]; and during interactive sessions with professionals that I developed a keen eye for cool cams, unique angles and photo effects.

No more guessing [or dropping hints!!]. This new blog takes a look around with an open heART on what captivates me and helps me spill why life is a pARTy!

I have been to 16 countries and its 312 cities. This also includes 26 of the 28 states in India. The new blod as opposed to will have more from my travels and art ventures. Isspired by the idea to post pictures from my collection to tell the untold… and find newer ones in the process.

…from the mobile cam (Nokia Music 3.2mp) click of the artificial rain drops kissing my windshield while driving to work on a Monday morning at Sheikh Zayed Road… to a picture sent by a friend from Havelock in Andaman (using a Canon 400D) ...

The photo brought back memories of a family vacation years back in this blissful island and I couldn't resist transferring it on oil. Below is Amyblus_oil on canvas_67x70cm. It debuted at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2010).

…from those pictures that helped me plan travels to unknown places... to those that made me quit cities.

They all do the talking. And hell they are powerful than so many words can do sometimes – to bring peace or to violate it.

Take it or leave it... but am giving it anyway... ;)
[Donno why that is my all time favorite taunt line]

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