Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Just when I was about get really bugged about this creepy culture of duck-faced young and old... I stumble upon an art call.

"Submit your selfie and the best entries to be published in an art magazine."

That was it!

I did not spoil the bluvian emotions that followed... and this followed.

This artwork was Published by AMOR - A Magazine of the Random art journal by FN Design Studio, an art gallery in Dubai, UAE in its 21st Issue released on May 25, 2015. The artwork was selected following an open call for 'selfies'.

Let me also share the Art text by Henosis... just in case you like to read more:

The artist does not like taking selfies and looks down upon the whole culture of duck-faced selfie addicts. She would rather complete the title of this work saying 'selfie... my foot!' The image is also the artist's conscious effort to draw attention to new-age narcissistic habits of her contemporaries. B'lu takes this opportunity to zoom out of the trends and tune in to one's core - 'down to earth selves'. This artist and writer says, "True information can only be dispersed consciously and every information we give out has more potential than what may seem at first... so we have to be responsible when we say what we say or show what we show especially in the current scene of many distractions."

This open call by FN Design Studio in Dubai helped the artist point out her concerns. The image represented here are her own pair of feet firmly planted on the soil complete with details of dense laterite red soil - that is typical to wet tropical lands and traces the artist's roots back in South of India. The painting symbolically depicts her travelling spirit - ready to make the journey outside one's comfort zones and inwards or towards one's soul. Instead of holding a mirror to self, she pauses to look down and paint her own feet in gouache. Bright hues are her signature style. A complete non-conformist and creatively courageous B'lu chose this painting as her entry to an art open call on 'selfies'.

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