Friday, 19 September 2014

Al Serkal's Art Lanes This Season

On 15th of this month the Al Serkal Avenue opened doors... thus officially ushering the art season in Dubai. My bad, as always I escaped the opening to avoid the crowd. I love to look at the works in an empty gallery! But if I was on an assignment, I would have had no choice… a good thing about freelancing is that you are the master of your time… even though eventually time rules!

"My voice was all gone. There were so many people. The crowd was awesome," says Cholo Juan, artist and gallerist, who mans the FN Design Gallery that is currently showcasing Wasta, a group event by Brownmonkeys.

Some pics from Wasta.

Seven Deadly Sins in Pop art by Pinkbolt, one of the 6 Brownmonkeys

Abstract art by Cholo Juan

This long print, a tryptich depicts Dubai city

One of my favourite art works on display by Victoria Viray-Ganzon called Sob Stories

The close up of Victoria's work has many such quotes… some are facts and figures on Phillipines labour force in the UAE

This is by Mark Ganzon who has depicted the inexplicable state of affairs of the domestic labour from Philippines in the UAE

This one really had me thinking… Modhesh is all black and is split wide open to reveal a construction labourer… the work is titled Summer Surprises… and the charred mascot of the summer shopping bonanza is very indicative of the heat that leaves people in the country left with lesser options like escape indoors… to a mall... and shop!

I loved this doodle on the wall… a permanent wall installation at FN Design.

Right next door to FN Design is La Gallarie Nationale that shows a few art works but what caught my eye was this black and white upside down camel pattern on a wall separator.

Mojo Gallery showcases Turmoil in Egypt through various artists...

Please note the artist has used a spray-paint haze effect… and interesting way to describe the tear gas shelled at the Hariri Square against demonstrators. The artist's details are here below.

This artwork shows the power of social media… that accelerated the people's movement in Cairo.

I clicked this work mainly because I liked the way the gallery used black on black…. black canvas on black wall… they are by the artist mentioned below.

And there is Van Gogh too… on a book's cover though… the book was on a shelf at a unique product design firm Xpoze here at Al Serkal…
See how their interior looks like… very laid back and with swings and all… who wouldn't love to work in an office like this.

And this one here below is mother nature's art work… an ac-water drip soiled false wall… stacked by the road side...

And some times when you take a closer look at the most excusable items you see art!

And there is no cooling down… when it comes to art attacks! ;)

Green Art Gallery stocks some amazing art on paper. "Many of the artists are deceased and the art has been procured from their family members who decided to part with these works," explains Reema, the gallery manager.
I loves this one with the man and birds… and the one below the portrait of a lady...

More on display at the The Green Art Gallery... a series of old books… totally handmade…

I am always amazed why ballerinas make an interesting subject to many artists… my favourite one is the Little Dancer at the Louvre.

This work reminded me of the Little Dancer.

And look what I see on the road… a hop scotch that leads to the A4 Space...

A4 stocks various articles made by artists… from handbags to accessories… by artists from the Fashion Forward team.

Really fond of the black and white… red and white Palestinian keffiyeh fashion statements...
And these Batoolas (face mask) are necklaces, I believe!

Also liked these lockets and rings with uncut precious stones…

Would love to own one of these necklaces… or may be make one someday from the many collectibles hoarded in my DYI box.
Look at that Monalisa… she is made from colourful post its! What a wonderful sitting area…

Inspired by the mix of plants… am planning to cut my car's old tyres and make some statement planters… let us see!

This is another show which is a must watch… called Art of Architecture and Architecture of Art at the Showcase gallery. The gallery showcases the solo of Mike Arnold, an artist and architect. "You can register for mono prints workshop by the artist later this month," informs Malaika the gallery manager.

This brilliant piece of art at the reception of the Showcase Art gallery is made by a travelling artist who made this large work over 8 years. Following an extraordinary journey, artist Hendrik Stroebel explores  the scope and craft of the beauty in embroidery. It presents a spectacular worldview where ideas, influences and creativity collide... escaping categorisation. "The artist was nostalgic of the colourful curtains that his mother used to make… for his home," says Malaika.

The close up is just breathtaking!

Upon my interest on coffee as art material, Malaika quickly went inside to collect these miniature coffee works. They are made by an artist who signs as Kamal. They are small works, unframed and just about a few grants… very affordable for a souvenir from Dubai… for those who collect and travel.

Would have loved to walk around more but then the street closes at about 7pm… my day's tan had to get a break too… so I drove of to Mall of the Emirates to chill out with friends who wanted to celebrate the weekend.

For more on what is on here… visit

Bye for now :)

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