Monday, 27 July 2015

Wings of Fire... Burn in Desire

RIP APJ Abdul Kalam, my all time favourite Indian.

When I first jumped onto social media platforms years ago I never imagined the power of converging worlds that would open up for me. Wonderful new friends and bonding with like minded spirits around this beautiful planet unfolded a new story. It transformed me. I left a full time job as a journalist to try all of this with no business plan, no structure, just an intention to find a way to live a creative life that contributed to the greater good and sustains inspiration everyday to everyone. 

This is because I have personal experience - art has all answers! I want to share this magic with all. Along the way there have also been some hurdles/challenges. By nature I am a compulsive optimist, sensitive, empathetic and my instincts always tell me when I am out of balance. 

Over the past two years, as I have opened myself more and more, my nondescript bluvian urges to stay creative no matter what has taken over my life completely - changed, shaped and created a totally new world around me all by itself.

Standing in this new plane of just bliss and nothing else I wish to offer this special experience to everyone. This morning I googled for the right words to fully express this subject that rules my world and how it can inspire everyone by simply staying in the moment of 'awe' like we did as children unaware of its true benefits. And as always kept this post for another day when I have complete clarity. But Kalam's demise news charged me up right in the middle of my art workshop. It shook me up that death is in nobody's hands and all we have are the days that are numbered! I don't wish to leave unfinished work. I enjoy being bluvian most importantly because it is helping me help a lot more people. 

I was honestly actually looking for something else when I focused on full time art. But all I got were messages in my inboxes. I often feel like I am on autopilot mode and must find a way to stop this infiltration of various energies and anxieties. Some want help/ guidance to selling art whereas some request to share with them a personal tutorial on a recently posted painting. Others are workshop enquiries... friends family saying hello. Sometimes people I have never met open up and feel comfortable sharing intimate/heartbreaking information with me. Other times people complain about somebody else's inappropriate musings on my page/wall etc. This love - it's overwhelming. That precisely was the message I wanted to learn.

I am not complaining. Please! Ever grateful for the space I exist.  All I want to do is help people get there and despite compulsive obsessive rulings one can enjoy a brilliant life but just tuning in to their creative core or art.

Just when I was making plans to retreat from social media for a bit... I am heart broken. Kalam was very active and like every true leader he was using all his muscles to reach out the good messages the youth.

I want to read 'Wings of Fire' second time... and burn in the desire to stay inspired putting behind small interfaces of disturbances!

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