Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ramadan Art bEATs the hEAT in Abu Dhabi

This blog is dedicated to those who feel there is nothing much to do during Ramadan…

Just in case you are wondering why I capitalised EAT in the headline is because a casual Ramadan evening in Abu Dhabi gave me a wonderful opportunity to savour genuine art and unique food (for the soul too).

Al Mayass inside the Sheraton Corniche serves a unique mix of cuisine - Lebanese and Armenian. It was my first Armenian food experience… and it left me… in all senses speechless. Sometimes food can transport you to the places they come from. I actually felt like the Yerevans themselves… I could faintly hear the flute of the shepherds in the mountains!

 An 'Itch' to enjoy at the table by the bay… really this dish is called 'itch'… a tangier version of the turkish tabbouleh (salad)

Very creamy mushroom soup… much like the cream and mushroom soups anywhere else

This one was the star! Kebab el Karaz is succulent lamb kabab with sweet and sour karat (cherry) sauce

Halawet il Jiben, a damn cheesy dessert… they say it is essentially a savoury sweet. Its got cheese inside and cheese outside. Filled with fresh Ashta (Arabic style clotted cream) and rolled in another variety of cheese… and sealed with love… i mean pistachio crumbs and sweetened rose petals

This high-end diner offers a good view of the Corniche and gets almost full each iftar evening... so it is a good idea to book in advance.

Art time
After a full meal… a stroll was a good idea. A 10-minute drive to the ongoing Ramadan Art Bazaar at 'Space' inside the Park Rotana Complex in Sheikh Zayed Road [Abu Dhabi! of course] was just the thing the doctor ordered. This venue is open from 8pm till mid night (apart from morning hours 9am to 1pm) all week.

Here is a sneak peek at the Ramadan Art Bazaar here:

RP Cherian; Nature Feels the Music; 50 x 70 Dh3999

Reyan Hanafi; AlShahada; 40 x 60cm Dh4000

Jerrold Moses Ayque; The Majestic Falcon; 45 x 85cm Dh4000

Saggaf Al Hashmi; The Authenticity & Leadership; 80 x 80cm Dh4000

Jalal Luqman; From Gold to Grey Dh4000 

German Fernandez; Portrait 2; 50 x 50cm Dh4000

Dima Al Munajed; Mini Portrait 4; 30 x 20cm; Dh800

Noora Ramah; Do I Know You; 61 x 31 cm; Dh3000

Fahima Fattah; Childhood; 60 x 80cm; Dh4000

German Fernandez; El viaje del bambino; 100 x 100cm; Dh4000

Qing Zhu; The street scene of Jumeirah Road; 25 x 17cm; Dh800

Khalil Abdulwahid; Dh4000

Ramadan Art Bazaar is on till July 29, 2014.

The venue also offers a good collection of books for creative souls…the Space stocks all these:

The Space also screens selected movies from ADFF (Abu Dhabi Film Festival) during the week.

With a satiated palate, mind and soul… I could not ask for anything more. Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

PS: When in UAE be like the Arabs… [I mean get out in the nights during summer months].

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