Saturday, 21 June 2014

Beautiful HeART

I am coming straight from Jumeirah's Gallery 76 art gallery inside the Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) that hosted artist Zaahirah Muthy's humanitarian project to raise funds for the flood stricken Herzegovina.

Just in a single night... thousands of dirhams were raised in an art auction that materialised with artists donating their art works. Every buyer went back with a steal… because the bid was far below the actual art value… it was an investor's night with competitive bidding  that started in three digits and climbed higher with each rising hand.

Here are some pictures:

artists and art buyers at the art auction tonight

Satko Bitanga Bosnia and Herzegovina Deputy ambassador to UAE address the gathering

Khalid from Pioneer Auctioning knew his job so well... his amazing spirit… lung power and winkle in his eye... made the event… eventful!

Deputy Ambassador Satko Bitanga with Artist Dr Ashwin Pillai

Dr Ashwin with Nick Haulkhory

B'lu with Artist Minakhee [who is one of the artists who's work Henosis acquired tonight]

Team Henosis with DIAC director Jeff Scofield and Artist Zaahirah who organised the charity auction

"Artists are really different kind of humans… they will definitely… all of them… will go to jannat [heaven]," says an overwhelmed Deputy ambassador Satko Bitanga.

All 39 paintings on display by 32 artists did not sell on the auction night as some of them did not get touch the minimum bidding mark… the organisers inform me that those few will now go to the Bosnian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and will be auctioned at yet another art event. 

Art must get art's own buyers… even if it needs to travel a bit. Thumbs up to that!

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