Sunday, 13 April 2014

Is Art Disposable?

Last night was the opening of the Recycling Art show at the Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) in Jumeirah.

The title of this post is what Jeff Scofield, the Art Director of the centre raised as a point of discussion to visitors who where keen to know more about... stacked up cardboard tubes, weather beaten chairs converted into art pieces and a large mural made from broken tiles of a swimming pool among other art works that were created from salvaged materials.

Here are some pics my smart phone clicked:

100 card board tubes, an installation by Jeff Scofield (price on request)

Totem Fetish by Jeff Scofield. Medium : Ceramic & Metal. Price Dh300

Bumped into this pretty lady wearing a pretty necklace... and she happens to be a terracotta jewelry maker Lita who makes lovely ornaments recycling old ties. She takes classes on clay jewelry at DIAC and her works are also available here for sale.

Installation by one of the three participating artists, Diyali Sen Bhalla 

Jeff explains to a visitor how this event came about.

Chair and Mosaic by Beena Samuel. Not for sale because they are used by the artist at her home.

Coins & Text by Jeff Scofield. Price: Dh500 each

Mini collages by Beena Samuel for Dh 300 each. There were already red dots on many of these soon after the opening.

This is the one using the broken swimming pool tiles mentioned above... and was my personal favourite on display here. By Beena Samuel. Sold at Dh15,000
The event is running for two more weeks. And honestly, it shows some good art at some really 'disposable' rates. Check them out!

Click here to know more about this event or news at DIAC.

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