Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I always looked down upon celebrations that were commercialized and blown out of proportion.

Here is a story. Little B'lu asked dad about why Santa does not come to her home despite putting the star outside. He told her the story of how a carbonated sugary drink made the lesser known Santa Claus world famous. Later when she looked at the Coca Cola ads she understood why perhaps Santa wore red and white [or is it the the other way round?].

You cannot blame him for bursting my bubble. He was a Marxian [is Marxist a better word?] who even named one of my sisters Mao [I call her Cherry don't ask me why!] cos her doe-eyes reminded him of great Mao Zedong. I don't drink the popular drink because of a busted tale, but it has over 10 spoons of sugar and its sugarfree-option has aspartame which is not a good chemical.

This blog is actually meant to talk about V-day and a unique new product made with heART.

Two artists [Ashvin & B'lu] who decided to take the world by a storm have resorted to painting t-shirts for the time being. We created Freakybunny range of unique tees to celebrate uniqueness that define each one of us.

We are not against Coca Cola or capitalism. Nor do we stand for Karl Marx. We love colours, yoga, music, internet, animated movies, french fries, Simpsons and the Keep Calm series. We are bohemians in spirit but that is not as evident if you look at us because we don't wear tattoos or sport a mohawk hairdo [we don't even have the essential pony tail to look arty enough! I have gone for a super short hairdo after years of river-long mane that mostly stayed strangled in a bun]. We are minus standout tattoos or hairdos to keep calm and focused on creating unique art via Freakybunny T-shirts (FBT). If you love the unique you just as much as we do, FBT is what you should be wearing.

Here are some of the tees from Freakybunny's heART series that can be worn round the year... but if you insist it can be the most unique gift for your loved ones on V-day too ;). Simply wear your heART on your tee!

Trivia: FBT is custom made to match the softness and thread count of luxury brands such as Armani Jeans T-shirts, Givenchy and Diesel. The t-shirts come from India's finest looms. They fall under the relaxed-style fit and come in unisex and female models in M, L and XL sizes. The colours are tested and meant to last a lifetime. As a policy, after completing a tee, we destroy our design stencils to keep our creative brain spill original art on each canvas [read tee!]. When we say it is unique and affordable art, we really do mean that. You can wear it or frame it!

FBT can be shopped online through its Facebook page or Avenue247 and a part of each sale go to animal rescue team of Sandy Paws based in the UAE. Each tee is priced at Dh199/-

FBT has launched five series so far - The Dreamcatcher, Sakura, heART, Tribal Tattoo, Attack of the Skulls. View the complete collection at Facebook page here.

Special Thanks to fashion photographer Anoop Devaraj for our first brochure. Ecuadorian beauty Andre Caicedo along with hunks Nitish Varma and Sam flaunt FBT in their unique styles. FBT chose not to choreograph/direct this fashion shoot to allow the real essence of the brand exude. The models were given full freedom to pick accessories and pose just as they pleased. We chose one of Dubai's oldest standing buildings for the shoot. The venue is one magical Ahmedia Heritage Guest House nestled in old Deira town.

FBT wishes you luck to stay just as unique as you are. Thank you for all the thumbs ups, shares, love and support.

Stay tuned to watch us debut on Dubai ramp soon!

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